Saving Outlawed and Unwanted Lives

A Feral Cat Sanctuary

SOUL in 2022 and beyond:

A lot has happened at SOUL, and a lot has changed over the years since SOUL opened its doors to feral cats in need.

It started with a small outdoor area of 80'x 90' and a small indoor room in back of the house from which the cats could access the outdoors. Over the years it grew into a large, 1.5 acre fenced cat yard with many fully insulated shelters and sheds and heated indoor space. The fence was a homemade version of the purrfect fence to keep land predators out and cats in. It worked for a while until a few cats figured out how to climb out after watching Raccoons climb in. No harm done as the cats came back in and the Raccoons only wanted to eat the food. Over the years I re-located the Raccoons, Skunks and Possums which made it into the cat yard from time to time.

Just as the Covid pandemic started so started another problem for SOUL: Eagles. All cats were moved indoors to keep them safe, and plans needed to be made for a new, and safer outdoor area for the cats which numbered around 130 at the time. 

I had also already started plans of moving myself and the seven Beagles over to another place and, before the pandemic and the Eagles, the plan was to keep the sanctuary at the old place. As I was already in the process of purchasing the other property, I thought to either build a huge barn with covered outdoor area at the old location, or re-build at the new location.

Because I wasn't familiar with the problems of the land at the new location (hilly) and as I slowly realized the difficulties involved. I went back and forth between my two plans and as of today (September of 2022) a definite decision has not yet been made. I have started building at the new location and half of the cats have already been moved over. They have large, fully insulated cathouses with many windows, straw filled cubbies and windowsills to lounge on. All cathouses will get a fenced and covered catio and eventually fully fenced and protected outdoor spaces.

The large, 1.5-acre cat yard is now a thing of the past, an unfortunate result of circumstances beyond my control. However, I am going to make the best of this set-back and move on, and forward, to provide safe space for feral cats in need.

Please follow SOUL on Facebook to stay up to date on progress made. Intake remains open -click here for more info on intake- and donations can be made via PayPal to help with the cost of building new cat houses and keep the cats safe and well.

Thank you for your interest in and support of SOUL, together we can make a difference in the lives of feral cats in need.

Linde september 2022.