Saving Outlawed and Unwanted Lives

A Feral Cat Sanctuary

The sanctuary is currently undergoing a huge transformation.

A brand new sanctuary is needed and work will start the Spring of 2021.


Due to a recent threat of birds of prey (Hawks and Eagles) in our area the large, open outdoor yard is no longer safe for the cats at SOUL and thus a brand new sanctuary will need to be built. The new cat yard will no longer be as large as it was (1.5 acres) as there is no way I can cover such an extensive area with proper netting.

I am pondering a design where the cats can still have a good sized outdoor area and be protected from dangers from above, and have it pretty much thought out. Having the design problem solved is the easy part, making it a reality is the harder part. It is going to take many thousands of dollars to make it a reality so a temporary yard will be set up first while work on the new and permanent sanctuary begins.

I truly hate not to give the cats the large outdoor yard to use anymore as it was a great, great way of life for them. I am profoundly sad to have to make the changes but they are needed to keep them safe. With my love of building I can assure them they will enjoy a great sanctuary again soon!

Donations are needed and much appreciated as this next SOUL adventure gets underway. Donations can be made via Paypal using any of the donate buttons on the website's home page or can be sent to: SOUL PO Box 166 Guilford NY 13780 (checks made out to SOUL). Please help me make this new sanctuary a reality for the many cats who make SOUL their home! I did it once and with your help I can do it again.

Intake remains open and newcomers will be housed in a safe temporary home.

All cats are safe indoors at this time and will remain in safety until the temporary yard is done and ready for them to use.